Hass-Cog: Home Assistant + Discord

Hass-Cog: A plugin for the Red-DiscordBot bot which integrates Home Assistant and Discord.

What is it

Hass-Cog is a plugin (cog) written for the Red-DiscordBot bot which allows you to control your Home Assistant setup and it's configured devices from within Discord.

How does it work

Hass-Cog uses the Home Assistant Python API, specifically the remote module. This allows the bot to communicate with a remote installation of Home Assistant over the network.

What can I do with it

Currently it is quite limited, having only been started a couple of days ago.

As of this writing, you are able turn lights on and off, view the status of a light, or all lights, as well as view the climate (if you have a group named "climate").

Note: Due to the fact that Home Assistant can have a very varied configuration, please view the code in hass.py to ensure that your configuration is compatible. Currently only effects the [p]hass climate command.

More features are on their way! Stay tuned for updates.


What to do if you have Issues, Requests, and Questions

Hass-Cog Issues

If you have issues with Hass-Cog, please open an issue on GitHub.

Feature Requests

Please open an issue on GitHub.


Feel free to open an issue on GitHub, or find me in the Red - Cog Support channel under #support_othercogs (please mention me @just_insane#8594, or the Home Assistant Discord server)

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You should do more work on this!
Written on Fri, 07 Dec 2018 19:55:36 by Dan

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